- Alumni-

Naomi Havron

Senior Lecturer at Haifa University (former PhD student in the lab)

Limor Raviv

PhD student at The Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen (former MA student in the lab)

Nadav Lidor

Nadav graduated from Stanford University with a BA in Computer Science and Cognitive Science, concentrating on Natural Language Processing and machine learning.

He currently works at Google.

Former programmer in the lab.

Tamar Johnson

PhD student at the Centre for Language Evolution in the University of Edinburgh  (former MA student in the lab)

Zohar Aizenbud

Zohar finished her BA degree in Computer Science and Functional Linguistics, and MA in computational linguistics (Supervisor: Dr. Omri Abend). Currently a software engineer at Google (Israel)

Former programmer in the lab.