Naomi Havron

Naomi has a BA in Psychology and in the Humanities Honors Program from the University of Haifa. She wrote her MA thesis on The Philosophical Basis of Usage-based theories for Language Aquisition in Ludwig Wittgenstein's Philosophy.

Naomi wrote her PhD on How Literacy Affects Spoken-Language Aquisition and Processing, and currently she's doing her postdoctoral fellowship in Paris.


Limor Raviv

Limor wrote her MA thesis on Language Evolution in Laboratory Conditions: A Comparison Between The Structure of Artificial Languages Formed by Children, and Those Formed by Adults.

Limor is currently pursuing a PhD in the Max Planck Institute in Nijmegen.

Nadav Lidor

Nadav graduated from Stanford University with a BA in Computer Science and Cognitive Science, concentrating on Natural Language Processing and machine learning.

He currently works at Google.

Tamar Johnson

Tamar finished her BA degree in Economics and Cognition Science, and is currently writing her thesis for her MA degree in Cognition Science, trying to simulate the natural language aquisition process in children with computational models. Tamar is interested in how the lingual information that children are exposed to at a young age allows them to make predications about the structure of a language. Her thesis deals specifically with the verb system in Hebrew.


Amir Shufaniya

BA student in Psychology and Functional Linguistics at The Hebrew University.

Research assistant at the Language Learning and Processing Lab.


Zohar Aizenbud

Zohar finished her BA degree in Computer Science and Functional Linguistics, and MA in computational linguistics (Supervisor: Dr. Omri Abend). Currently a software engineer at Google (Israel)