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Book Chapters

Chapters in books

Arnon, I. (2016). The nature of child-directed speech in Hebrew: frequent frames in a morphologically rich language. The Acquisition of Hebrew (Ed. Ruth Berman). Trends in Language Acquisition Research Series. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Kurumada, C. & Arnon, I. (2014). Language acquisition in interaction. In I. Arnon, M. Casillas, C. Kurumada, & B. Estigarribia (Eds.), Language in interaction, Trends in Language Acquisition Research Series (pp. 1-10). Amsterdam: John Benjamins. 

Snider, N., & Arnon, I. (2012). A unified lexicon and grammar? Compositional and noncompositional phrases in the lexicon. In S. Gries & D. Divjak (Eds.) Frequency effects in language (pp. 127-164). Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

Arnon, I. (2011). Relative clause acquisition in Hebrew and the learning of constructions. In E. Kidd (Ed.). The acquisition of relative clauses: functional and typological perspectives (pp. 81-105). Amsterdam: John Benjamins (final version has been completed and approved).

Arnon, I. (2011). Units of learning in language acquisition. In I. Arnon & E.V. Clark (Eds.), Experience, variation and generalization: Learning a first language, Trends in Language Acquisition Research Series (pp. 167-178). Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Hofmeister, P., Jaeger, F., Arnon, I., Sag, I., & Snider, N. (2007). Locality and Accessibility in Wh-questions. In S. Featherston & W. Sternefeld (eds.), Linguistic evidence: Empirical, theoretical, and computational perspectives (pp. 185-205). Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

Encyclopedia entries

Arnon, I. (2014). Acquisition of Grammatical Gender. In Encyclopedia of Language Development. (pp. 259-260). SAGE publications.

Arnon, I. (2014). Distributional Knowledge and Language Learning. In Encyclopedia of Language Development. SAGE publications (pp. 161-163).

Arnon, I. & Christiansen, M. (2014). Chunk-based Language Acquisition. In Encyclopedia of Language Development. SAGE publications (pp. 88-91).

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