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Print Media 

"Was Chomsky wrong?"

 -Haaretz- | 18.01.2017


"The Living Lab at the Bloomfield Science Museum

engages kids in research."

מדע וחדשנות

"פולמוס בין בלשנים
בשלוש מערכות (בינתיים)"

"Child scientists"

 -Jerusalem Post - 19.02.2015

"Was Chomsky wrong?"

 -Haaretz- | 18.01.2017

TV Media 

 - Appearance on Chanel 11 on November 19, 2019 - 

Prof. Inbal Arnon discussing prenatal language aquisition on "The World Today"

- "Galileo time" on Chanel 11 - 

ראיון בכתב עת "אמירות"- יוני 2021

Prof. Inbal Arnon discussing when and how
we begin in acquisition language, and the way in wich different languages  sounds to an embreyo

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